Strong, natural solutions

For over 30 years Barrier Animal Health has harnessed the genius of Nature to provide powerful healthcare products for your animal, covering everything from grooming and repellents to first aid.

The uniquely high concentration of essential oils make our formulations truly effective and longer lasting than other products. We use 100% natural ingredients, making all products safe for animals and humans.

Latest news

Barrier's brand is changing...


Barrier's brand is changing...

  • Stronger bottles

  • Clearer graphic design

  • Same award-winning formulas!

  • Barrier Animal Health is undergoing an exciting transformation... 2024 will see the rollout of refreshed labels, bottles and rebranding. You will find the same incredible products in brand new packaging!

    We are delighted to welcome you to this new website, which is currently in development. In the meantime, the full product range can still be found on our legacy website. You can purchase products via eBay, Amazon or your local tack shop. Do contact us for any questions.

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